Who are we?

Here you'll find some information on the band No Harm and it's members.

No Harm has been around only since the end of 1999, but already the band has made a name for itself in Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands and surrounding areas. To thwart a pending midlife crisis singer Wilbert Werther and bass playerJohan Maring decided it was the right time to form a band. Away from the wife on the weekends, drink some beer and make a lot of noise! Additioned with guitarist Mike Schuurman and drummer Mart Wardenaar (who saw some advantages in drinking beer as well) the group became No Harm as we know it today! A setlist switching from golden rock classics (Neill Young, The Free) to contemporary rock stompers to sensitive ballads (Counting Crows, Pearl Jam, Live, etc.). On stage these experienced musicians erupt into no-nonsense stage animals. Pay close attention to the excentric wardrobe of singer Wilbert!...

Can do NO HARM to spend an evening with...

Vocals: Wilbert Werther

In daily life Wibert works at Van Beijeren Bouw, supplier of tools and building materials. Kind of as a joke he once said that by his 30th birthday he wanted to play a gig with his own band. No Harm is the result. Wilbert, however, continues to thrive for improvement with seamingly undepleting energy and even a few singinglessons are not avoided. The next goal has been set... Besides making music, Wilbert has many hobbies like work, riding his motorcycle and boxing.

Quote: Moe' je effe kijken anders... (We'll see...)

Guitar: Mike Schuurman

In daily life Mike works at Swingcafé Querelle and partly because of this he is a well known (notorious) figure in Alphen and surroundings. He started playing guitar when it was invented, so it seems. His guitarplaying is "to the bone" and without frills and fits right into the No Harm-picture. Mike prefers playing his "Strat" (Fender Stratocaster), amplified by a Marshall tube-amplifier.

Quotes: Geil! Da's nie Rock 'n Roll... (Horny! That's not Rock 'n Roll...)

Bassguitar: Johan Maring

In daily life Johan works at Primapost, a direct-mailing company. He has been playing bassguitar since the 80's and gained a lot of experience in numerous bands before No Harm. His Fender Jazzmaster has been customized for him and is amplified by a Hartke amplifier. Just about every nice-weathered weekendday Johan can be found on the beach or his boat.

Quotes: Whopper cheese! Dank u! (Whopper cheese! Thank you!)

Drums: Mart Wardenaar

In daily life Mart is Gadgetking and (stunt)pilot on the Boeing 737 with KLM. He has played drums ever since he was tall enough to reach the pedals. Before No Harm, Mart has played in numerous bands. His playing is loud as a bang and tight as a bell.The drumkit he nowadays plays consists of Mapex Pro-M drums and hardware, and the cymbals are still the same set of Zildjians he bought when he was eleven years old.

Quotes: Is er nix te eten? Check! Speeeleuh! (Isn't there anything to eat? Check! Let's plaaay!)

Mascot: Animal

For years now, Animal has been someone who has had a special, warm place in his heart for bands like No Harm. "It is the pureness of the rocksounds that elevate me to a higher state of selfconciousness", says the drummer of the Muppetshow. Animal is always present whenever No Harm plays and he has his own VIP seat on top of the Bass Drum of Mart's drumkit. Animal shares his life with the other muppets and with No Harm.

Quotes: Pway dwums!!! Want woman!!! Yeaaah!!! (self-explanatory)